Verify Journeys for Accuracy

In enabling the optional verify journey setting, you can now verify journey information for accuracy once the driver has been allocated to the journey.

This means that before you contact the passenger to inform them of their pickup time, you can now opt for an option to double check all the journey information is correct and accurate, giving the passenger accurate information.

This feature ensures that the transport admin user can verify that the journey information is accurate, including:

  • The correct estimated mileage is showing
  • The correct payment source is selected per passenger
  • Passengers, drivers and locations are accurate and pinpointed
  • The fare is showing correctly
  • and more ...

For those users that take advantage of our automated invoicing, this ensures that no mistakes appear further down the line when it comes to generating invoicing for the journeys.

Verifying the journey information is a crucial step in ensuring the invoicing information for mileage and admin fees is correct.

Road XS now makes this easier than ever with this update, saving you trouble further down the line and speeding up your monthly invoicing procedures. It also improves the accuracy of your reporting.