Answer Bot Updates

We have made some improvements to our answer bot.  You can now initiate conversations and get faster answers.  Anything we don't have an answer for we shall learn from you and add it to our database.  We hope that you can now achieve faster answers as a result 24/7.

New Run Sheet Download Design

We have no released an update to the run sheet download available from the journey overview.  You now see more information on one A4 page which is ideal for Dial a Ride and Group travel journeys with lots of pickups. Enjoy!

Recurring Journey Set Filter

We are pleased to announce that within the recurring journeys' area you can now filter the sub set of journeys by the date filter to quickly view what recurring journeys are happening for the passenger being viewed.

Recurring Journeys Update

We are pleased to announce that we have now released a fix to a recurring journey date issue that had occurred following a recent update.  This issue has now been resolved.  Thank you for your patience whilst we fixed this for you all this morning.

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