🗺️ Road XS Road Map

If you'd like to submit your ideas to Road XS for future features you can now vote on and send in your ideas in the community area available within the software in the footer.  From here you will also see our development roadmap and what's coming soon.  If you'd like any features developed faster or any custom development please get in touch.

Invoice Layout

The invoice PDF layout has now been improved so that the footer doesn't get chopped off when a hard copy is printed out.

Mobile Admin Portal Update

Community transport providers can now see their journeys on their mobile devices in a mobile friendly way. This is helpful for transport managers that just need to take a look at what's happening today on the go.

Passenger Loading Times

You can now apply passenger loading times per passenger as and when required.  This time gets allocated to their estimated times and factors in the additional time needed on their journey.  You can apply a passenger loading time to any passenger by editing their profile.

New Feature Request Area

We have now made it easier for you to see what's coming to Road XS, to submit your feature requests and vote on ideas sent in by other users.  This will help us to see what's important to you and inform you better of what you can expect to see coming to Road XS in the near future.  To access the new area, simply visit the community are and press Request a Feature.

Invoice Design Improvements

We have launched an update to our invoice design which now makes creating invoices ad-hoc or from auto generation much smoother and cleaner for customers showing all required information.

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