Corona Virus Cancellation Reason

We have added Covid-19 (Corona Virus) as a cancellation reason for your reporting during this time.

Lookup Speed Improvements and Recently Visited Locations

We have dropped the 5 recently used locations to 3 when creating a journey and have launched a load of improvements on the journey lookup when searching for locations. You will now find it's much quicker when typing in the locations and drop offs in Road XS.

Reporting Improvements

We've improved the reporting capabilities of Road XS mainly for Dial a Ride to resolve some mileage issues which were showing up.

Passenger Journey Breakdowns per Postcode Group

You can now see the total passenger numbers and related destination totals in the new Passenger Postcodes Group report.

Total Fare On Journey Analysis Report

The total fare for the passenger now shows on the journey analysis report.

Postcode Report Improvements

We have updated the postcodes report with some minor improvements.

Email Notifications Update

We have improved our notifications platform at Road XS. This means invoicing and daily journey reminders will now arrive and work more efficiently.

MOT Lookup Fix

We made a small improvement to the MOT lookup capabilities. It will now run more smoothly.

Setup Fees Settings Design Improved

We've cleaned up the setup fees design so it's much easier to follow.

Journey Locking for Dial a Ride

Journey information and timings will now lock on our Dial a Ride Service to ensure human error is removed from our automated process making your life so much easier.

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