Driver Schedule Reminder Service

We have now launched a morning reminder which goes straight to the driver's inbox to inform them of any journeys coming up in their day. This means that the driver doesn't have to login directly into the portal to see their upcoming schedule.

The reminder will only send on the day the driver has journeys scheduled.

For additional security, we only show the journey ID and where they're going. The driver will need to login to the portal to see further information which is all accessible from a link in the email they receive.

Further Details Per Passenger

The ability to add notes per passenger and not to the journey as a whole. This is useful for when needing to know the department the passenger is being dropped off into.

Passenger and Driver Postcode Area Contact Details Export

We have released two new reports which enable you to export driver and passenger contact information per postcode group. This means that for any of the postcode groups and postcode areas you can now export their contact information with ease.

You'll find each report under drivers and passengers section in the reports drop down menu respectively.

Further Details Improvement

Further details will now not show on the driver portal if there are no further details to show. In the admin side they can be amended easily and will update in the driver portal side accordingly. This can be done at journey creation or via the journey overview screen.

Messaging System Updates

The Road XS messaging system has now been udated in the driver portal and the admin portal. This will improve the messaging service between all users.

Driver Portal UI Updates

The user interface of the driver portal has been improved and modernised in places.

24 Hour Driver Portal Time

The driver portal calendar has been updated to accommodate a 24 hour clock to align with the admin portal.

Driver Portal Mileage Claim

Within the driver portal journey mileage and time can now all be claimed in one go. In the past drivers needed to open each individual journey, but now you can add them all in one go. The fee pending journeys show for this month and once manual mileage has been entered are removed from the list. A reminder about manual mileage entry is also now available on the dashboard as the end of the month nears.

Popular Destinations Report

The popular destinations report now shows total journeys and total passengers that have been to the destination. This helps show with dial a ride and group travel how popular destinations are from a routing perspective and passenger perspective.

Driver Portal Usage Report

You can now see how active your drivers are in the driver portal by taking a look at the driver portal usage report now available in the reports area.

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