Recurring Journey Set Filter

We are pleased to announce that within the recurring journeys' area you can now filter the sub set of journeys by the date filter to quickly view what recurring journeys are happening for the passenger being viewed.

Worflow Improvements

We have released a number of fixes and workflow improvements for the new dispatch system.  We also fixed issues regarding the timings when allocating a driver.

Extended Disability Reporting Data

We are pleased to announce an improvement within the disability report within Road XS.  You can now see a breakdown of not only the disability as before, but now including journey category.  So for example, how many passengers that have dementia that used your services for social inclusion journeys.  This should help all providers who require data to assist with their funding and general information about how their services support the local community.

Pinned Note Change

Pinned passenger notes will now show at the top of their admin notes in the passenger profile.  This means you can easily add a pinned note for a passenger which then stays with them for each journey.

Fluid Invoice Borders

We have improved the way invoices are auto generated into PDF.  Given that users have different lengths of footer, we have now made this 'fluid' so that the invoice borders adapt to the length of footer.

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