Driver Portal Updates

We have released a number of improvements and new features to the desktop and mobile / tablet version of the driver portal. The following has now been updated for all drivers:

  • A brand new and improved journey overview design on desktop
  • Pinned notes now show for the drivers once they have been allocated to the journey along with contact numbers for the passenger
  • Further details has now been made more obvious beneath the journey route planner
  • Minimum mileage now shows for journeys which meet the minimum mileage total on the driver portal so that they know that's been applied
  • Passenger accessability requirements now show for all drivers matching what shows in the admin area so they know in advance the requirements and needs of the passenger
  • Carers now correctly show on the mobile version
  • Journey ID now shows on the journey overview on mobile

This is a major improvement across the platform and will improve communication about all journeys the driver has been allocated to.