Further Details Per Passenger

The ability to add notes per passenger and not to the journey as a whole. This is useful for when needing to know the department the passenger is being dropped off into.

Multiple Passenger Locations

The ability to select different locations for passengers to speed up journey creation time. For example, this could include home, work, care home, hospital etc, a place where the passenger visits frequently so that it's easy to select from a drop down.

Private Client Payment Source Improvements

The ability to select private clients from a drop down list, separate to existing payment sources. This means that when creating the journey, you do not need to scroll through all your private clients, they will appear in their own category.

Messaging Broadcast Capabilities

The ability to broadcast a global message to all drivers in the driver portal and admin team.

Concessions Report

The ability to show data to claim back payment from local authorities. This will enable anyone who offers concessionary travel to see how many journeys and miles have occurred and claim accordingly.

Recurring Journey Improvements

We are always striving to make the transport manager and operators life easier. With this in mind, we will soon be making improvements to the recurring journey management process in Road XS. We will keep you updated with out developments.