Recurring Journey Extension Fix

We have released a fix for a reported issue relating to the extension of recurring journeys. You should now find that journeys extend without an issue.

Default Location Times

Sometimes, if a setting was updated in a particular order it would automatically override the default time zone setting leaving users puzzled as to why the times suddently went out on the calendar.

It also left us puzzled, until today when a light bulb went off and we were able to get to the bottom of the issue. We're pleased to say this mysterious issue is now put well into the past.

Timing Improvements

Journey time rounds up to the nearest 5 minutes. When on a call we wouldn't say in natural language that we will be there at thirteen twenty two, but we would probably say we'll be there between one twenty and one twenty five pm.

We have now also released an update that when the time was rounding up the last 5 minutes of the hour weren't always pushing into the next hour. So 1 hour 56 was going to 1 hour 00. It will now go to 2:00 hours.

Outstanding Driver Fees Report Fixed

We were informed that not all the journeys were showing in the outstanding driver fees report. We have now released a fix for this so that the report shows the correct data. It was releated to a confirm payment statis not being recognised as an unconfirmed payment. All sorted.

Driver Portal Manual Mileage Issue Fixed

We have just released an update which fixes the driver manual mileage not showing.

Whilst the manual mileage being entered was overriding the automated invoicing, we were showing the estimated mileage on the journey overview and driver portal. We have now fixed it so that if the driver enters their manual mileage for a journey that this is the mileage which is shown to the driver and admin team.

Minor Issues Resolved

We have now released an update fixing the following items:

  • Mapping issue for Dial a Ride when verifying a journey. The route map will now load without needing to press control F5
  • Verify journey fix for Dial a Ride users
  • Adding additional passenger button processing issue fixed

These updates are minor and fix issues caused by a previous release.

Carers Fee Calculation Fix

Following the release earlier this week in showing the breakdown of shared passenger mileage, we missed that 'carers' should not be classed as passengers in the update other than for vehicle count. We have now resolved this issue and you will see the fare calculation is now spot on for journeys with carers on them.

Minor Bug Fixes Released

Some minor bugs and improvements of some workflows in the software have now been released onto the software.

Additional Pickup and Drop Offs

There was an issue with additional pickup and drop off's when creating a journey. This issue has now been resolved and it means passengers can have more than one pickup and drop off per leg. We currently allow up to 4, so 8 per passenger per journey when on the car scheme. This means you can really start plotting complex routes with passengers within Road XS to cater for a number of scenarios.