Invoicing Report

You can now export all invoice information and overdue invoices by building your own report based on the information you need at a moment's notice.  

You will find the new report under finance in the reporting section of Road XS.

Membership Report with Expired and Expiring List

We have now launched our new membership report, which will allow you to create a report within a report relating to your members.  In this report you can see who has expired and which accounts are expiring soon.  You can then export this information to CSV format too.  You will find it in reports and under the passenger column.  Y

District Reporting Now Available

You can now report per district within Road XS.  This allows you great control over reporting which passengers and driver per district use your services.  This is different to using the Postcodes report where you can control which districts passengers and drivers reside in.  Postcodes sometimes overlap so the passengers and drivers might show up twice.  With this district report you retain control over which passengers and drivers appear where.

Driver Updates Reminder

The driver details updates reminder has been set for 30 days.  This enables you to ask the drivers for information in good time.  Some have asked us to remove this feature, however part of the Road XS standard is to ensure that record keeping is up to date to ensure no driver takes a journey without all required qualifications and documentation.

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