Postcode Report Improvements

We have updated the postcodes report with some minor improvements.

Email Notifications Update

We have improved our notifications platform at Road XS. This means invoicing and daily journey reminders will now arrive and work more efficiently.

MOT Lookup Fix

We made a small improvement to the MOT lookup capabilities. It will now run more smoothly.

Setup Fees Settings Design Improved

We've cleaned up the setup fees design so it's much easier to follow.

Concessionary Travel with Tier 2 Added

We have improved our concessionary travel to accommodate Tier 2 Concessions. This means that Road XS will calculate all the concessionary travel on your behalf making life much easier.

Driver Portal My Journeys Length

The driver portal will now show 3 months worth of journeys when they select My Journeys from the main menu. Journeys can be filtered as normal via the various options provided.

Drivers Can Now Individually Disable Journey Email Reminders

If you have the journey reminder email system enabled, your drivers can now opt out of this in the driver portal. They simply need to go to 'My Details' and disable the option. They will then no longer receive the journey reminders via email.

Timing Improvements

Journey time rounds up to the nearest 5 minutes. When on a call we wouldn't say in natural language that we will be there at thirteen twenty two, but we would probably say we'll be there between one twenty and one twenty five pm.

We have now also released an update that when the time was rounding up the last 5 minutes of the hour weren't always pushing into the next hour. So 1 hour 56 was going to 1 hour 00. It will now go to 2:00 hours.

Further Details Improvement

Further details will now not show on the driver portal if there are no further details to show. In the admin side they can be amended easily and will update in the driver portal side accordingly. This can be done at journey creation or via the journey overview screen.

Messaging System Updates

The Road XS messaging system has now been udated in the driver portal and the admin portal. This will improve the messaging service between all users.

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