New Run Sheet Download Design

We have no released an update to the run sheet download available from the journey overview.  You now see more information on one A4 page which is ideal for Dial a Ride and Group travel journeys with lots of pickups. Enjoy!

📲 New Dispatch Workflow Launched

Within Road XS you can now create fixed routes, or demand driven routes, and then use our new dispatch workflow to allocate passengers to the routes they require on the day.  It's a much more streamlined workflow for handling day to day calls.

To get started you first need to head to route manager and create a route. You can then use Create journey and choose Dispatch to allocate passengers to the routes you have created.

Advanced Fees

We have now launched advanced fees onto Road XS.  Within your sources you can now set a fee per mile charge.  This caters and collects automatic calculations such as a fee per mile for deliveries, or an admin fee per mile, or passenger/patient fee per mile etc scenarios.

Passenger Loading Times

You can now apply passenger loading times per passenger as and when required.  This time gets allocated to their estimated times and factors in the additional time needed on their journey.  You can apply a passenger loading time to any passenger by editing their profile.

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