Journey Locking for Dial a Ride

Journey information and timings will now lock on our Dial a Ride Service to ensure human error is removed from our automated process making your life so much easier.

Option to Round Up Mileage or Not

You can now choose whether you wish to round up the mileage shown in Road XS or not to the nearest mile or accept decimal mileage.

Round Up Mileage Fees Option to On/Off

We have added a small setting in general settings to enable mileage fees to be rounded up or not. Enabled by default, if it's switched off it will not round up to the nearest 50p. In doing this it makes it easier for passengers paying by cache to not have to carry too much loose change to make up a 'fiddly' fare.

Escort by Driver Option

Sometimes a passenger needs a little more help from a driver escorting them to and from an appointment. With this update, you can now inform the driver of this extended requirement at the journey creation point.

Recently Visited Locations Per Passenger

When creating journeys for a passenger, you will now see the 5 most recently visited locations for that passenger in the drop off location drop down list. This means that when creating journeys you most likely just need to select one of their frequent locations from the list.

Driver Schedule Reminder Service

We have now launched a morning reminder which goes straight to the driver's inbox to inform them of any journeys coming up in their day. This means that the driver doesn't have to login directly into the portal to see their upcoming schedule.

The reminder will only send on the day the driver has journeys scheduled.

For additional security, we only show the journey ID and where they're going. The driver will need to login to the portal to see further information which is all accessible from a link in the email they receive.

Passenger and Driver Postcode Area Contact Details Export

We have released two new reports which enable you to export driver and passenger contact information per postcode group. This means that for any of the postcode groups and postcode areas you can now export their contact information with ease.

You'll find each report under drivers and passengers section in the reports drop down menu respectively.

Driver Portal Usage Report

You can now see how active your drivers are in the driver portal by taking a look at the driver portal usage report now available in the reports area.

Time Period: Journey Analysis Report

We have now added a major new feature to the journey analysis report. You can now pick a custom time frame to view your data. This means you can now set custom date ranges on the information you wish to look at. You can then export this information accordingly.

Passenger Totals Report

We have now released a new report showing how many passengers travel with you each month and year. It will also show you your average passenger cancellations per day and per week. The data can also be exported to CSV.

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