💗 Road XS Wellbeing

You can now track your passenger and driver wellbeing in Road XS.  Simply create a wellbeing log for them when you contact and call them and store how they're feeling.  You then get an insight into how they're doing overtime and can support them as best you can.

Locations Directory Update

You can now search locations in the global search and add any related contact information for the location.  Each location effectively has it's own profile page.

This enabled you to use your locations a little like a directory for contact info and details.

🚚 Road XS Deliveries!

You can now organise deliveries from Road XS for food, parcels and medicine.  To enable it, head into general settings and enable the deliveries tab.  You can also pick and choose which drivers show up for deliveries too via their profiles.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Road XS can now support you in ensuring your clients receive the items they need. With Road XS deliveries you can:

- Find the nearest available driver/volunteer
- Merge deliveries into one route per driver
- See how many deliveries a volunteer is already doing
- Combine pickup locations for efficiency
- Automatic route optimisation
- and more....

Corona Virus Cancellation Reason

We have added Covid-19 (Corona Virus) as a cancellation reason for your reporting during this time.

Passenger Journey Breakdowns per Postcode Group

You can now see the total passenger numbers and related destination totals in the new Passenger Postcodes Group report.

Total Fare On Journey Analysis Report

The total fare for the passenger now shows on the journey analysis report.

Journey Locking for Dial a Ride

Journey information and timings will now lock on our Dial a Ride Service to ensure human error is removed from our automated process making your life so much easier.

Option to Round Up Mileage or Not

You can now choose whether you wish to round up the mileage shown in Road XS or not to the nearest mile or accept decimal mileage.

Round Up Mileage Fees Option to On/Off

We have added a small setting in general settings to enable mileage fees to be rounded up or not. Enabled by default, if it's switched off it will not round up to the nearest 50p. In doing this it makes it easier for passengers paying by cache to not have to carry too much loose change to make up a 'fiddly' fare.

Escort by Driver Option

Sometimes a passenger needs a little more help from a driver escorting them to and from an appointment. With this update, you can now inform the driver of this extended requirement at the journey creation point.

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