Advanced Fees

We have now launched advanced fees onto Road XS.  Within your sources you can now set a fee per mile charge.  This caters and collects automatic calculations such as a fee per mile for deliveries, or an admin fee per mile, or passenger/patient fee per mile etc scenarios.

Passenger Loading Times

You can now apply passenger loading times per passenger as and when required.  This time gets allocated to their estimated times and factors in the additional time needed on their journey.  You can apply a passenger loading time to any passenger by editing their profile.

Payment Workflow Modification

When a passenger pays in advance, the journey will go to confirm payment (even if more than one passenger is on the journey).  This will give you the opportunity to check the payment was made and all was well before marking the journey off as completed.

📛 Passenger Membership Management

Some community transport providers run membership programmes for their passengers.  You can now manage this within Road XS by enabling memberships in general settings.  You can then see which memberships are coming up for renewal and how many days left they have before renewal in the membership tab on the passenger profile.

New Vehicle Allocation Time Report

We have released a new vehicle allocation time report to show the time between journey / job creation and the time a vehicle was allocated to the job.  This is mostly used for service level agreements for patient transport contracts.

Driver Notes on the Go

Drivers can now make notes via the mobile driver portal whilst on their journeys.  This means they can enable GPS to show where they are on the route and inform the admin teams of anything whilst on the journey.  They can also use the inbuilt messaging system too.

Dispatch Service

A new, faster workflow for dispatching vehicles to journeys and jobs has been released. If a vehicle is already on a journey you can now also choose this vehicle but inform clients of the delay to their journey if it is selected.

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